Albert Zamussels

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Hvs.tCF 40.jpg
Prince Albert Zamussels
Race: Men
Faction: Faq
Class: Warlord
Rank and Titles: Prince
Level: 1
Special: Royal, Leadership, Flight, Archer specialist (knives)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 40

Prince Albert Zamussels is Jillian's son and the the current heir of Faq. He was popped at the behest of Transylvito's Don King, who financed Faq's rebuilding.

Albert has gray skin tone, black hair, a bat tattoo on his arm, and sleeps hanging upside down by his feet. These features - as well as his flight special, punk attire, and attitude - are more similar to the vampires of Transylvito than to Jillian. However, he does not have the drain life special of actual Transylvitans.

During his first combat exercise, he gets hit by the other team due to his recklessness. Angered at Vinny's teasing, he critically wounds the other team's leader, Sergeant Brevis.


Queen Jillian

Albert is Jillian's son and heir.

She approves of his specials, and most likely his aggressive and upfront attitude as well. At first sight she seems displeased with his punk signamancy, possibly because it indicates low loyalty. Albert is unfazed by his mother's disapproval.

Due to his recklessness and lying, Jillian concludes that he is not fit for battle, let alone for leadership as Chief Warlord. For his own part, Albert feels unwanted, looked down on, and neglected, and wishes he could join a different side.

Real World References

His first name is a reference to Prince Albert and the eponymous piercing (NSFW).

Like his mother, Albert's name is a pun on strength. His nickname "Al" would make him "All the muscles."

His appearance and attitude are a reference to punk subculture.

His livery is a reference to the symbol for anarchy.


Albert's Transylvitan signamancy may be due to Don King's influence over his popping, or related to Jillian's relationship with Vinny Doombats, possibly both.