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Proposed Canon

Action figures are a type of Dollamancy golem unit. Their functionality is presently unknown, but they are Ace Hardware's favored golem type.

According to Claud Gauntlet, they are luxury items and rarely used.


This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.

Action Figures are a type of Dollamancy construct. They are humanoid in form and are made from a plastic-like substance. While less durable than Molls, they can be equipped with a variety of weapons, items and abilities above and beyond that with which they were originally armed, making them potentially more versatile. There are a variety of sub-types, including Toy soldiers, which can vary in size and appearance.

Some Dollamancers, such as Ace Hardware of Jetstone and Rosie of the Ad Council prefer using Action Figures and molls over constructs made from plush and glass.