Abner Washboard

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LIAB 94.jpg
Abner Washboard
Race: Men
Faction: Unknown
Class: Caster (Carnymancer)

Proposed Canon

"If you want, I could find out the price."

Strengths: Facial hair grooming, backing up friends, working a crowd.

Weaknesses: Dealing with rodents.

First Appearance: LIAB 81, speaking: LIAB 90

Abner Washboard[1] is one of the Carnymancers that tried to block Parson Gotti from achieving his destiny. He's a friend of Dove Barstool and hangs out near her Wagon. He has an imposing, large mustache and equally imposing muscles. He has a tattoo of eyes and a mouth that reflects his emotional state.

Real World References

Abner Washboard is a reference to "Washboard abs", when someone has clearly defined abdominal muscles.

His character design bears a striking resemblance to Ukranian wrestler Ivan Poddubny.