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All in all, A.V. thinks that went rather well!
A.V. Club
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike)
Class: Caster (Master of Thinkamancy, novice of Foolamancy and Lookamancy)
Level: 8



Side of Origin: Napster
Age: 14,100 turns

Popped in the city of Grokster for the non-royal side of Napster, A.V. was well liked for her curiosity and sunny disposition. Boredom with her duties often got the better of her at home, though, and her experiment to understand aspects of her discipline sometimes went badly. She was frequently in trouble with one or more factions of her deeply fractious side.

A.V. tried to spend as much time as she could among other Thinkamancers in the Magic Kingdom. She spent her extra juice on calls to the Thinkamancers of sides far away. As often as allowed, she would link with Napster's other casters, sometimes creating new spells and magic items of various degrees of usefulness.

One of these creations, a headband that allowed the wearer an intuition for Signamancy, proved to be her entire side's undoing. Squabbles in the capital lost them the war, and A.V. was released to the Magic Kingdom in an act of spite by the Chief Warlord against the Ruler.

Like most barbarian Thinkamancers A.V. has no trouble maintaining her upkeep by hiring out in short contracts to a few favored sides. She spends much of the rest of her time helping Headmaster Isaac tinker with his experimental equipment, or playing abstracted strategy or word games with the other Great Minds.[1]

Proposed Canon

We live in a world that's completely dependent upon magic, in which hardly anyone knows anything about magic. Dangerous, isn't it?

First Appearance: LIAB 58:10

A.V. Club is a Thinkamancer and member of the Great Minds.

Although she considers the conspiracy around Parson Gotti necessary, she is not as committed to it as some of the GMTA.[2]

The Laurel of Napster is suspected of being one of her creations.

Real World References

Her character design and initials are a reference to Alyx Vance.

Her name could be a reference to the entertainment website The A.V. Club or perhaps is also a reference to AV Club, an after-school / extra-curricular activity students could join and learn about Audio-Visual techniques and devices. They would typically be responsible for setting up and running the projector for educational films.

Her preferred activity of connecting to other Thinkamancers far away are a reference to Napster, a peer-to-peer file sharing service.


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