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Proposed Canon

Ünderclock is a capital side. It is allied to Generica by a contract signed on turn 6 AW. Ünderclock is in debt to Generica.


The name of the capital is not yet revealed.



Given that Book 5 begins on the turn when the temples are awakening, and discovering that some sides, notably Charlescomm, are using too much energy, then the knowledge of how to reduce energy consumption may become critical.

Real World References

The term "underclock" is used to describe setting an electronic circuit or computer so that it runs at a lower clock speed. This means that while it runs more slowly, it also uses less energy (possibly prolonging battery life) and produces less heat. Underclocking can improve a system's stability.

In Book 5 - Prologue 1, Byrne the Notist has apparently come to Generica to bring a burn notice.